Location Based Mobile Services

Mobile Solutions for Location Based Services

Location Based Services catering to different business requirements

Location Based Services make easy to access any information anytime, anywhere. It helps to find friends, places, and more at mobile user’s fingertips.

Enterprises can utilize Mobile LBS for

  • Location Assistance or Reporting
  • Dynamic Network Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Navigation/Map
  • Security Tracking
  • Asset Management

location based services

Softweb LBS Addresses Following Business Needs

GPS Integration

Using LBS, drivers can get real-time updates and information through phone GPS which helps them to take appropriate decisions.

Enterprise Fleet Management

With LBS, enterprises can minimize their vehicle investment risks, improve their efficiency and productivity, and can effectively reduce the fuel cost and overall transportation cost.

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Advantages of Softweb LBS Solutions


We have successfully addressed following business needs under LBS

  • Enterprise Fleet Management on Mobile
  • Award Winning iPhone Navigation App
  • iPhone & Android App for Hotel booking
  • Location based social networking
  • Hotel finder and coupon app

What you need to know


Transportation and Logistics related mobile solutions

  • Helps enterprises to reduce their overall expenses
  • Increases efficiency of the workforce
  • Useful to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Leads to enhanced business performance and overall business growth
  • Efficient planning and organization of logistics operations

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iPhone Navigation Application Integrated with Radar/Laser Detection Technology

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