Enterprise Managed Mobility Solutions

Manage the mobile workforce with efficiency, ease and flexibility

Mobility plays a vital role in today’s workplace with the increased use of smartphones and computer tablets. Managing mobile devices has become mandatory to drive productivity, avoid risks, and to create a flexible work environment.
Enjoy a cutting edge over the business rivals with our robust solutions and optimize performance in every area of the organization. Managing mobility efficiently enables you to reduce costs, channelize resources, and increase business outcomes.


Accelerate performance and Achieve Business Goals

  • Overview


    Every new technological development affects the working culture within organizations. Mobility has contributed in many ways to improve work efficiency and has made business vibrant with numerous opportunities. So, it is important to control and manage the use of mobile devices within organizations to accelerate work and drive business. Our managed mobility services will enable you
    • Enhance user experience
    • Ensure security of mobile devices and avoid risks
    • To increase productivity levels
    • To reduce expenditure
  • What’s the Need for Managed Mobility


    • Flexible work environment
    • Increased control over wireless devices
    • Maximum security and minimum threat
    • Cost-effective strategy
    • Protect company information and increase ROI
    • Deploy mobile apps with ease
  • Benefits from Managed Mobility


    Managed mobility services enable you to effectively control your mobile devices and boost employee productivity. The BYOD trend poses serious challenges to the IT department and many organizations fail to support it due to increased capital expenditure. Managed mobility strategy can prove beneficial to lower expenses and leverage the use of mobile technology to achieve work goals.

Our Managed Mobility Solutions enables

  • To improve operational efficiencies and increase business opportunities
  • Design a reliable and smooth framework for controlling mobile devices
  • To increase the efficiency of the workforce
  • To maintain scalable systems that sustain enterprise mobility development
  • To leverage mobile technology for organizational growth
  • Secure access to company information and applications
  • Accounts for increased flexibility and cost effectiveness

Enterprise Mobility Checklist

  • ms-checklist

    Enterprise Mobile Strategy Checklist

    • What are the business drivers for your Enterprise Mobility initiatives?
    • Is it going to be Internal Targeted or External Customer facing application or both?
    • Mobile Hardware and Platform support.
    • Select the right framework – Mobile Native Application, Mobile Web Application or Hybrid App
    • Mobile Web Services for Mobility
    • Mobile Data Security & Deployment
    • Mobile Device Management.
  • md-checklist

    Mobile App Development Checklist

    • Analyze your need for application development
    • Decide your platform and target audience
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Launch on App Stores
    • Lay the development of your ideas
    • Test to ensure the best intentions are delivered to audience
    • Design the base for technical architecture with wireframes and designs.
  • se-checklist

    Server Engineering Checklist

    • Design, deploy and maintain system servers
    • Keep a track of technical issues and troubleshooting matters
    • Manage and control multiple environments
    • Provide analysis of performance and track the usage
    • Research and maintain system documentation
    • Accommodate technological changes and adapt services accordingly
  • mm-checklist

    Managed Mobility Checklist

    • Provides an efficient mobility management strategy to increase outcomes
    • Comprehensive solution to control and manage all mobile devices as well as mobile apps
    • Incorporates Mobile Enterprise App Platform (MEAP) for developing enterprise grade apps
    • Data synchronization feature to allow mobile devices to connect to back-end database
    • High level of security to mobile devices and the information within
    • Life cycle approach to device management
    • Mobile Device Management.

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