Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Generating Creative Enterprise Mobile Applications for a Constant Workflow

  • The world is turning mobile for improved efficiency and continuous connectivity.
  • Mobile applications have become the need of the hour for the enterprise.
  • It enables organizations to connect to their customers on the move and take decisions instantly.
Softweb Solutions prides itself in providing cutting edge Mobile Application Development services for various platforms like Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile & HTML5 Web Application Development.

Mobile App Development

21% of IT managers surveyed are looking to introduce 20+ Mobile Applications into their organizations this year

- Sybase Survey

World-class innovative apps for the most revolutionary device

Apple dominates the smartphone and the tablet industry with its rocking operating system iOS.
iOS has created a revolution in the mobile industry with its exemplary features.
Being a leading Mobile Solutions provider, we offer enterprise mobility solutions addressing the challenges and leveraging the industry’s best practices and strategies
We transform your ideas into high-quality applications

iOS App Development

The Combined Features of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 brings Spur amongst Smartphone Users Worldwide

Recently Apple has released iPhone 5 – the first hardware running on its new launched operating system iOS 6.

The Medical iPad Apps Modernize the HealthCare Industry

With the launch of iPad device by Apple, most of the companies have changed their ways to work and do their business where Healthcare Industry is no different.

Whitepaper: Field Service Practices

It is evident that enterprises today have started their current methods of managing, scheduling and communicating with the field staff since the ideal and personalized technological solutions become apparent.


Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Challenges and Strategy Implementation


Android Application Development

You Dream It We Build It

Build your application in time, in budget and accurately to defined business requirements is sometimes a problem.

A problem we solve everyday.

ComScore:Android tops 52 percent of US smartphone share, iPhone cracks the 33 percent mark

Android Application Development

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) Game Changing Technology for Enterprise

NFC has been a front runner to take mobile payments mainstream. But the truth is NFC is good for so much more. See how NFC can be a game changing technology for Enterprise.
Android Application Development

Impact of Android OS on Mobile Application Development

Enterprises are embarrassing Android as their preferred platform for their Mobile Application development. As per latest data from Comscore Android tops 52 percent of US smartphone share.
Retail Mobility Solutions

Whitepaper: Retail Mobility Solutions

Mobile adoption brings a lot of opportunities in the Retail Industry. With advanced mobile apps present int the market. Retailers can have direct communication and interaction with their target audience.


See how HTML5 is revolutionizing web & mobile application development world.

Whether you’re a mobile web developer, an enterprise with specific mobile needs or entrepreneur looking to develop cool consumer apps across multiple platforms, HTML5 has something for you!

Using same set of technologies, web-developers can now easily develop rich web-applications that work across different device types.



    HTML5 is smart enough to handle multimedia and graphical content on mobile devices without having to resort to proprietary plugins or APIs.
  • Offline Access

    Enables users to make use of the web application even in an offline mode and makes the designers work smooth and easy.
  • Cross-platform compatibility

    HTML 5 is a cross-platform and cross-browser compatible technology. This provides great ease in making apps for the mobile platform.
  • Web Sockets

    This enables HTML5 to load the web pages at a quicker speed than its earlier versions.
HTML5 Features

Mobile frameworks

HTML5 Frameworks

With HTML5 it has become easier to develop cross-platform Mobile Applications that runs on multiple devices saving developers time and money. There are several tools and frameworks available such as Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap etc that allows you to create native applications that runs on multiple devices using single code-base.

Show me the right way?
Native, Hybrid or Mobile Web Applications

Selecting the right development tools and methodologies is a vital key for the success of your mobile application. To better assist our customers we have developed a tool that will guide you select the right framework and platform for your project.

Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web Applications

Developing Incredible Apps for Future

Windows OS is the most popular platform for developing innovative apps as it is user-friendly and is accompanied with an amazing user- interface.
This new operating system is colorful, touch-friendly and more interactive.
Main attractions include
  • Live and colorful tiles
  • Snap Multi-tasking feature
  • The new App Store
  • Fresh and Modern Control Panel
  • Charms

Windows 8 Features

Metro Style Interface

Metro Style Interface
The touch friendly metro style interface is like a blessing for mobile workers as now they will be able to view and log business data by simply touching the right icons.

Windows To GO

BYOD[Bring Your Own Devide]
BYOD[Bring Your Own Devide] concept is increasingly getting popular world-wide. Windows To Go helps businesses can give outside consultants access to a corporate desktop image and app without giving full server permissions.

Security Related Features

Windows 8 has added Secure Boot feature that will enormously benefit businesses. Security tools such as BitLocker, AppLoader and Smartscreen ARS are specifically built to secure corporate data and reduce the worker downtime.

Enhanced File Management

Enhanced File Management
Windows 8 includes several tools which make file management easier for users especially at the time of copying numerous numbers of files at a time. Business such as Publishers, Law firms etc. can make a good optimum use of these tools for enhanced file management.

Being a prestigious Gold Partner with Microsoft, Softweb Solutions can better serve a growing number of global clients who depend on Enterprise Mobile Solutions to improve business performance.

Windows 8

No need to create different

apps for PC, Laptop or Tablets

Windows 8 Os has been designed and developed from the scratch which can work smoothly with traditional desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones.

Windows Surface Tablets

Windows Surface Tablets:

A fresh beginning for Microsoft

Windows 8 will motivate public more towards their growing interest in tablets and other mobile devices due to its advanced features and capabilities.

Windows 8 OS Enhancements

Windows 8 OS Enhancements

Benefitting Businesses

Enhancements including richer security, NFC device support, new metro style interface, etc will help benefit business to great extend.

Enterprise Mobility Checklist

  • ms-checklist

    Enterprise Mobile Strategy Checklist

    • What are the business drivers for your Enterprise Mobility initiatives?
    • Is it going to be Internal Targeted or External Customer facing application or both?
    • Mobile Hardware and Platform support.
    • Select the right framework – Mobile Native Application, Mobile Web Application or Hybrid App
    • Mobile Web Services for Mobility
    • Mobile Data Security & Deployment
    • Mobile Device Management.
  • md-checklist

    Mobile App Development Checklist

    • Analyze your need for application development
    • Decide your platform and target audience
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Launch on App Stores
    • Lay the development of your ideas
    • Test to ensure the best intentions are delivered to audience
    • Design the base for technical architecture with wireframes and designs.
  • se-checklist

    Server Engineering Checklist

    • Design, deploy and maintain system servers
    • Keep a track of technical issues and troubleshooting matters
    • Manage and control multiple environments
    • Provide analysis of performance and track the usage
    • Research and maintain system documentation
    • Accommodate technological changes and adapt services accordingly
  • mm-checklist

    Managed Mobility Checklist

    • Provides an efficient mobility management strategy to increase outcomes
    • Comprehensive solution to control and manage all mobile devices as well as mobile apps
    • Incorporates Mobile Enterprise App Platform (MEAP) for developing enterprise grade apps
    • Data synchronization feature to allow mobile devices to connect to back-end database
    • High level of security to mobile devices and the information within
    • Life cycle approach to device management
    • Mobile Device Management.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions