Mobile BI Solutions

Access Vital Business Information on the Move to make data-driven Decisions

Providing Instant Access to Information for Improved Performance

Mobile BI solutions empower employees to have access to information on the move. It enables users to work from warehouses, client meetings, or even from the airport. It delivers data right at the fingertips that contributes to increased productivity and improved performance. It provides users with an interactive and customized platform to ensure optimized user-experience.

Mobile BI

Mobile BI is growing fast in the corporate landscape, with many companies piloting or planning deployment Initiatives. A recent Gartner survey of 1,364 organizations that use BI tools indicates that 8% are actively using mobility for BI; an additional 13% are running pilot Initiatives; and an additional 33% have plans to deploy Mobile BI within 12 months.


- Gartner


Explore the features and enhanced Business outcomes with Our Mobile BI solutions

  • Generate reports with just a click by providing all necessary information
  • Discover trends and perform analytics with interactive charts and visualization
  • Mobile BI solutions help to manage data access and provide high levels of security to users
  • Easy to do real time sales analysis

Industries we Serve

  • Finance

    Financial Services

    Softweb BI solution tailored for financial services helps insurers to make quick decisions on claim processing, and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Healthcare


    Healthcare industry needs BI solutions as that can help them to take quick decisions for treatment procedures, and to enhance the patient-physician interaction

  • Manufacturing


    With robust BI solutions, manufacturers can make critical data driven decisions quickly and in a cost effective manner.


Enterprise Mobility Solutions:Enterprise Operations on the Move


Our Clients

The mobile BI trend is increasing and it proves to be beneficial for businesses to improve its performance.

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