Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Apps for Performing and Managing Inventory Tasks on the Move

What’s the need of Mobile Inventory and Supply Management Solutions?

Mobile Inventory and Supply Management solutions help to improve overall efficiency and business operations of the enterprises.

Softweb’s Mobile Inventory Management solutions provide the ability to your sales workforce to completely control your stock related functions that includes what you have in stock, what you need to order, and when you need them. With our solutions, your field staff can easily track and manage inventory in the field by continuously accessing the required data.

An Inventory Management iPhone App

  • With this app, Parco’s Sales team can access all important inventory related information easily
  • Helps Parco Staff to have product/service information at any time and from everywhere
  • This mobile solution helps Parco Inc. to better serve the end users

Manage Inventory using Mobile Devices


Mobile Inventory Management Solutions provides higher level of flexibility and usability which is not found in traditional warehouse management applications. This includes

  • Quick view to complete information on the move
  • Enables sales representatives, distributors and other important persons to access data securely anywhere
  • Increases the overall speed of sales processes
  • Enhances the overall productivity of the enterprise
  • Integrated with customized search feature for easy and smooth access of required details



Mobile Inventory Management Solutions deliver following benefits

  • Improves workforce productivity
  • Improves accuracy of inventory information
  • Reduces paperwork and errors
  • Allows real-time modifications to merchandising systems
  • Improves supply chain visibility
  • Improves tracking and managing of in-store inventory

Mobile Inventory Solutions for different Industries

  • Manufacturing

    Mobile Inventory solutions developed by us include multiple features that can be used by enterprises for their various business needs. For example, asset management apps, field service management apps, shop floor management apps, and others.

    • Access Control in Manufacturing
    • Raw Material & WIP
    • Labor Tracking
    • Quality Assurance
    • Product Labeling & Tracking
    • Tool Cage
    • Plant Maintenance & Repair


  • Retail


    Inventory solutions for the retail industry enable workers to record retail information in real-time. It helps to enhance supply-chain visibility and enables to reduce errors and increase the productivity of the workers.

    • Receiving in Retail
    • Product Labeling & Tracking
    • Price Check
    • Shelf Product Replenishment
    • Mobile POS
    • Order Picking & Staging
    • Mobile Inventory Management
    • POS Checkout
  • Transportation

    Mobility enables the transportation sector to improve business processes and take decision on the move. It helps to save time through proper management of the workers and enables to efficiently track the status of the work done.

    • Shipping & Receiving
    • Cross Docking
    • Load Management
    • Driver Automation
    • Location Status
    • Pickup & Delivery
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Real-time Tracking Status


  • Healthcare

    Mobile inventory solutions make easier for doctors, patients, and other medical professionals to carry out their activities smoothly on the move. It helps doctors with faster diagnosis process and better patient care. Other things that can be done includes –

    • Identifying Patients
    • Caring for Patients at Point-of-Care
    • Tracking Lab Tests
    • Dispensing Medications
    • Records Management
    • Medical Billing
    • Medical Supplies Inventory
    • Access Control in Healthcare

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  • Warehousing


    Mobile solutions developed by us can be utilized for performing multiple warehousing operations on the move. Mobility can be useful to improve the overall warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

    • Order Picking and Staging
    • Product Labeling & Tracking
    • Shipping
    • Receiving
    • Put Away
    • Cross Docking
    • Access Control in Warehousing
    • Mobile Inventory Management