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Empower your company by providing world class services for the back-end operations. Server engineering helps you leverage efficient engineering analysis services of current and proposed configurations and enable you to check whether it is compatible with the overall system.

Server Engineering

  • SOAP Web Services

    It is a popular middleware that works optimally on different platforms, operating systems, and with any language. SOAP is gradually becoming the standard for all XML based system to system communication.

    • Implements on different hardware and software platforms
    • Supports interoperability amongst different environments and also supports HTTP
    • Offers secured transportation of information
    • Platform and language independent
    • Easy to use and expandable


  • Restful API


    It is an easy to use model for web services and is almost the Native API of web browsers. Restful makes the machine to machine communication effortless and it is universally supported.

    • Makes use of HTTP methods
    • Focuses on system’s resources
    • Easier-to-use model for web services
    • Method of least resistance
    • Supports self-describing media methods
    • Improved network efficiency responses
    • Provides simplicity and ease of development
  • Custom Back-end Development

    Back-end development is the backbone of any website and it needs to be developed carefully, to suit the business and its products and services. A fully functional back-end system enables to keep the website update regularly.

    • Supports the generation of dynamic web pages
    • Provides custom back-end development with the most robust and stable technologies like PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
    • Helps to extend exposure to customer base
    • Helps to manage a variety of content efficiently
    • Includes server side programming providing functionality, administration features and many more


Enterprise Mobility Checklist

  • ms-checklist

    Enterprise Mobile Strategy Checklist

    • What are the business drivers for your Enterprise Mobility initiatives?
    • Is it going to be Internal Targeted or External Customer facing application or both?
    • Mobile Hardware and Platform support.
    • Select the right framework – Mobile Native Application, Mobile Web Application or Hybrid App
    • Mobile Web Services for Mobility
    • Mobile Data Security & Deployment
    • Mobile Device Management.
  • md-checklist

    Mobile App Development Checklist

    • Analyze your need for application development
    • Decide your platform and target audience
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Launch on App Stores
    • Lay the development of your ideas
    • Test to ensure the best intentions are delivered to audience
    • Design the base for technical architecture with wireframes and designs.
  • se-checklist

    Server Engineering Checklist

    • Design, deploy and maintain system servers
    • Keep a track of technical issues and troubleshooting matters
    • Manage and control multiple environments
    • Provide analysis of performance and track the usage
    • Research and maintain system documentation
    • Accommodate technological changes and adapt services accordingly
  • mm-checklist

    Managed Mobility Checklist

    • Provides an efficient mobility management strategy to increase outcomes
    • Comprehensive solution to control and manage all mobile devices as well as mobile apps
    • Incorporates Mobile Enterprise App Platform (MEAP) for developing enterprise grade apps
    • Data synchronization feature to allow mobile devices to connect to back-end database
    • High level of security to mobile devices and the information within
    • Life cycle approach to device management
    • Mobile Device Management.

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