A Driver-Focused Mobile Fleet Management Application

User-friendly Mobile App to Deliver Real-time Data to Drivers and Renters


  • Fleet management app for iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices
  • Facilitates drivers with multi-featured Dashboard
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Ease of managing and tracking vehicles/fleet
  • Enhanced customer experience for Fleet managers and Drivers

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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Emkay, one of the nation’s leading fleet management service provider hired Softweb Solutions to develop cutting edge mobile applications for drivers and fleet managers.
After various Mobile Strategy Sessions with key stake holders at Emkay we decided to develop two important Mobile Applications for them – Driver 360 and Fleet 360.
As a part of our Mobile strategy services we discussed various Mobile Fleet Management aspects with various key stake holders.
  • How are mobile devices and mobile applications going to increase productivity for Fleet Managers and Drivers?
  • Is there a way for Fleet Managers for instantly approving repairs?
  • How can fleet managers and drivers access the data they need wherever and whenever they need it?
  • How will mobile application help them beat their competition?


Mobile App Development

  • Fleet Management Mobile Application

    • We designed mobile applications after doing a comprehensive market survey and integrated entirely user-friendly capabilities helping drivers and renters have all important information on the move.
    • It improves productivity and enhances customer experience for Fleet managers and drivers
  • Fleet 360

    • This application enables the fleet drivers to perform necessary fleet functions and view valuable information related to their vehicles on the move.
    • It provides real time access to vehicle’s key data, access to see live updates to the current status of a new vehicle on order, or locate maintenance facilities using Mobile GPS mapping.
  • Roadside Assistance

    This app provides real-time roadside assistance on Mobile devices by utilizing Location Based Services

  • Driver 360

    • The application allows Drivers to log daily mileage and record their personal miles with a quick and easy interface.
    • It also enables the drivers to locate the nearest maintenance vendor quickly and get an idea of the path for them.


Server Engineering

  • Developing a feature rich application for Drivers and fleets was a unique concept which needed extensive market research and survey.
  • There was a requirement of integrating Google Map feature for making various functionality of the applications work smoothly.
  • Google Map integration also helped to highlight the path from a driver’s current location to Emkay’s vendor.



Managed Mobility Services

  • Our comprehensive Managed Mobility services include security of corporate data on mobile devices, complete management and deployment of mobile apps, and handling multiple mobile devices.
  • After an exhaustive market survey, we delivered mobile app that is compatible with two most well-known smartphones, iPhone and Blackberry, which increases app usability.
  • We successfully distributed the application on iTunes App Store and Blackberry App Store, which made easy for Emkay to reach millions of users.

Mobile Inventory Management

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