An iPad Catalog Enabling Staff to Showcase Products

Native iPad App to Display Products Attractively in Online and Offline Mode


  • Native iPad application with off-line functionality
  • Displays products in an attractive fashion
  • Integrated 3 media types to include product literature, Videos and Photos
  • Ability to email any of the 3 media forms straight from application
  • Encompasses rich interactive Graphic User interface

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Project Details

Mobile solutions for the Enterprise

  • Increase brand awareness through application availability via mobile digital media
  • Greatly enhance Field sales productivity with immediate real time product information
  • Recognized new revenue streams by tapping new digital user base.
  • Customer experience enhanced through new marketing process.
  • Leveraging mobile anytime anywhere feature to access Wenger information offline if needed.

Mobile App Development

The cutting-edge technology of iPhone and iPad has influenced work and business in many ways. Softweb has designed the most attractive product catalog for our client Wenger to have a competitive edge for product display.
  • Mobility to Increase Efficiency

    • Customized iPad app for excellent photo, product and video management
    • Apps for latest iOS 6 with lower versions supported
    • Our Programmers are well-versed with all Apple’s iOS platforms
    • Precise, interactive, organized and easy to use app
    • Providing best presentation capabilities enhancing the Wenger brand
  • Beneficial Features

    • Interact with customers with innovative mobile apps
    • Develop mobile app to meet any organizational need
    • Increased efficiency and improved workflow within the organization
    • User-friendly apps for the best performance
    • Cross platform apps for increased ROI
    • High-quality graphics and attractive images for the best user-experience

Server Engineering

  • Server engineering helps you leverage efficient engineering analysis services of current and proposed configurations and enable you to check whether it is compatible with the overall system.
  • Server engineering experts handle complex technical problems efficiently and enhance business outcomes.
  • Custom back-end development, SOAP web services, and Restful API form the core of server engineering facilities.
  • This application has an integrated web services or API’s to Wenger servers syncing both automatically and manually to capture the latest product updates while on-line.
  • The application creates the best repository for media storage and management

Secure your data and Resources Seamlessly on Mobile Devices

Mobility has attained great heights with the increased use of smartphones and tablets. Managing mobility is of utmost importance to be able to achieve business goals and maintain transparency in the system.
  • Secured Mobility

    • The IT sector needs to have effective solutions to control and maintain the multiple mobile devices within multiple environments, under the use of multiple clients.
    • It is important to have a clear strategy for managing mobility and for maintaining integrity and security of the resources.
    • We provide comprehensive solutions to the enterprises which give full control to the administrators over the mobile devices used.
  • Key Benefits

    • Helps to synchronize mobility services within an organization
    • Lowered risk factor and improved security
    • Efficient functioning of the enterprise and improved performance
    • Enhanced decision making and high-quality customer service
    • Helps to control costs for the company

Mobile Sales App

Intensify your sales opportunities with our interactive sales apps

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