An Analytic iPad app for a leading Farm Services Provider

Powerful Enterprise iPad App to Deliver Complete Detailed Analytic Report


  • An Powerful analytic tool making GEA’s operations run smooth
  • Generates detailed analysis reports to assist decision making
  • Includes Life-like 3D images of dairy equipment for better understanding
  • Well-organized dashboard for swift functioning
  • Allows experts to e-mail Final Analysis Reports to concerned persons

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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

A GEA Farm technology is a worldwide leading manufacturer of technical innovations, integrated product solutions, and effective animal-hygiene products for efficient milk production.
  • Functions

    • GEA was looking for a way to standardize paper based evaluation forms that can be used for collecting data by sales reps from dairy owners to increase the milk quality.
    • An app that would help to gather information and then store the same at a centralized location on databases.
    • Will help utilize data frequently and can minimize time and effort
  • Benefits

    • Store all details inserted by experts making it all-time available for use
    • App to run in offline and online mode for efficient work
    • Facilitates to create analysis reports for dairies with ease and improve services
    • 3D viewing of equipment to help experts to study them well and take necessary decisions

Mobile App Development

  • Mobile Solution

    • We successfully developed this new system as an electronic tool to support the ExpertCare Specialist in their daily work on farms by gathering information, analyzing data and providing dairy producers with professional solutions.
    • Acts as a “paperless” office as all the information is collected and distributed electronically
  • Features

    • This application helps to generate reports that saves time
    • It has an ability to film and take photos all in one device, allowing the user to add it to the information in the database.
    • It allows experts to view and fetch the past data of the dairy inserted by other experts from the app database to help them analyze better
  • Increased Efficiency

    • The application makes work more organized and ensures efficient functioning
    • Provides sufficient information for experts to analyze better and take quick decisions
    • Reports can be easily mailed to the concerned person from the app itself


Mobile App Development

  • Server engineering enables to maintain system documentation efficiently and resolve complex problems to optimize performance
  • We created a .Net backend system that act as a middleware to store information and manage information.
  • Since this was an in-house app that was distributed internally, there was a need to notify employees of the update and instruct them to install the app.
  • If the application identifier assigned to the app in Xcode is unaltered, it will recognize the app as an existing app and install the update while retaining locally stored app data or preferences.

Managed Mobility Services

For this application, GEA preferred distributing it in-house initially by hosting this app on a simple web-server that was created internally, where users can simply tab on a URL to install the app. They’ll get a simple dialog asking them if they want to proceed with install.
This provided an ideal “self-service” mode for distributing apps to the client’s employees with minimal effort on their part.


Mobile Application Development

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