An Enterprise iPad Application for Insurance Industry

Comprehensive iPad App for an Innovative Fixed Annuities Provider


  • iPad app for one of their newly developed fixed indexed annuity products
  • A tool to demonstrate how a given insurance policy will act over a set period of time and therefore help the client understand the policy
  • Useful to demonstrate the total value/cost ratio of a client’s fixed annuity policy, prior to purchase
  • Hypothetical representation reflecting the critical assumptions used by the company to compute the policy
  • Allows Agents to create required presentations that can be used to demonstrate better

Productive Mobile CRM Solutions


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Project Details


Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • Internally Deployed Application

    • Build for Athene representatives and Dealer reseller community to showcase project
    • Detailed product offering description so all represent annuity product with continuity
    • Input customer data for discussion point on retirement plan
    • Tactile based application helps make the understanding of the apps much clear.
    • Easy access to the apps, anytime and anywhere.
    • Streamlining the information flow.
    • Increasing process throughout.
  • Externally Targeted Apps

    • Create brand awareness through application availability through digital media
    • Constant exposure for Athene branding.
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Recognize new revenue streams by tapping new digital user base.
    • Increasing number of new transactions.
    • Interactive experience gained through new marketing process.
    • Helps efficiencies by replacement of manual procedure.
    • Consumer empowerment.

Mobile App Development

  • iPhone and iPad Application Development

    Apple Application Store market is growing everyday with about 500,000 apps already in the sack and more than1000s of apps releasing regularly. Softweb Solutions can take your iPhone application to the top with our well placed resources and best strategies
    • Customized iPad app for insurance industry sectors
    • Apps for latest iOS 6 with lower versions support
    • Programmers well-versed with Apple’s iOS platform
    • Precise, interactive and easy to use apps
  • Mobile application development

    • Analyze your need for application development
    • Decide your platform and target audience
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Design the base for technical architecture with wireframes and designs
    • Lay the development of your ideas
    • Test to ensure the best intentions are delivered to audience
    • Launch on App Stores


Server Engineering

Server engineering helps you leverage efficient engineering analysis services of current and proposed configurations and enable you to check whether it is compatible with the overall system.
Server engineering experts handle complex technical problems efficiently and enhance business outcomes. Custom back-end development, SOAP web services, and Restful API form the core of server engineering facilities
This application has an integrated web service to a separate server to get real time up to date rate percentage information. This rate information is populated into the native application and used to calculate payout levels of the annuity offering.

Secure your data and resources seamlessly on Mobile Devices

Mobility has attained great heights with the increased use of smartphones and tablets. Managing mobility is of utmost importance to be able to achieve business goals and maintain transparency in the system. The IT sector needs to have effective solutions to control and maintain the multiple mobile devices within multiple environments, under the use of multiple clients. It is important to have a clear strategy for managing mobility and for maintaining integrity and security of the resources. We provide comprehensive solutions to the enterprises which give full control to the administrators over the mobile devices used.

Key Benefits of Managed Mobility

  • Helps to synchronize mobility services within an organization
  • Lowered risk factor and improved security
  • Efficient functioning of the enterprise and improved performance

  • Helps to control costs for the company
  • Enhanced decision making and high-quality customer service