An Enterprise iPad Catalog App for Audio Products

An Easy to update Online Catalog for a Leading Audio Products Distributor


  • Effective sales and marketing tool
  • Exceptional design and images for high visual appeal
  • Useful to collect customer feedback for Company products/services
  • Facilitates to showcase products effectively anywhere anytime

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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • The most trusted Audio brand desired an online iPad product catalog for itself.
  • They wanted an application to showcase their professional audio products worldwide to the visitors at the time of their trade show.
  • They wanted an iPad application for their internal use where their customers and visitors can view their business products, select their favorite ones, and place an order immediately from there.
  • Select the right framework – Mobile Native Application, Mobile Web Application or Hybrid App
  • Business Advantages

    • Attractive images and graphics
    • Execution of transaction made easy and quick with this app
    • To be used at the tradeshow for enhanced presentation
    • Enable internal staff to deliver quick services
  • Mobile Strategy Aspects

    • What are the business drivers for your Enterprise Mobility initiatives?
    • Is it going to be Internal Targeted or External Customer facing application or both?
    • About Mobile Hardware and Platform support.
    • Right framework selection – Mobile Native Application, Mobile Web Application or Hybrid App
    • About Mobile Web Services for Mobility, Mobile Data Security & Deployment, and Mobile Device Management
  • Features

    • Easily display products to customers and sales professionals
    • Entire product range available at a single place
    • Innovative style of presentation
    • Captivate customers so that they make a purchase

Mobile App Development

  • We developed an enterprise catalog app after understanding all the requirements of our client to organize and distribute their product information to their customers and salespeople.
  • This attractive iPad app demonstrates the entire Products range of the Company.
  • We have used an exceptional designs and images in the app that attract more and more customers to place immediate orders.
  • Also, with this application it will be easy for staff to showcase their products anywhere and anytime which will result in increased business of the Company.

Server Engineering

We developed the application to function as Hybrid App. When no internet or data is available for synchronization, all of the business logic functions native on the application.

Web Services

It includes development of Web Services, leveraging Business Objects from SAP and exposing approval workflows to the mobile application.

MEAP middle ware

Softweb Solutions will develop integration into MEAP middle ware. This will allow all orders placed by Sales and Dealers within the app to immediately populate SAP.

Optimum service

As soon as connection is established, any orders procured within the app, fire via e-mail to Customer Service.

Complex problems

Our server engineers resolve complicated issues with ease and enable you to function optimally.

Managed Mobility Services

Once the mobile application is delivered to match the client’s unique business requirements, it is necessary to manage mobile devices within an organization. This is essential to reap maximum benefits of the mobile platform.
We provide our clients with managed mobility services to provide them complete control over the mobile devices.
  • Optimum functioning of the organization
  • Complete security, avoid unnecessary risks
  • Reduces complexity of work
  • Create business possibility on employee owned devices

Retail Mobility

We offer Retail mobile solutions for an enriched shopping experience

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