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iPhone Navigation Application Integrated with Radar/Laser Detection Technology

What Our Client Says

Softweb solutions supported us in the development of a revolutionary product for the Radar Detector Industry. With their support we were able to be first to market with the iRadar Detection system.

Sally Washlow | Senior Vice President | Marketing and Sales | Cobra Electronics Corporation

Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • The idea behind the requirement of building this app was to facilitate drivers view speed alerts and red light camera alerts using their smartphones.
  • Our client Cobra Corporation selected us to convert their idea into reality by developing a comprehensive mobile app for them supporting iPhone and Android.
  • This app should allow drivers use Radar/Laser Detection Technology.
  • We also decided to integrate Bluetooth connection with customized Radar device so that mobile users can view radar alerts, control settings, log history, and are warned about upcoming speed and red light cameras.

Mobile App Development

  • Situation

    • We needed to create an application that enables the drivers to view speed and red light camera alerts along with all radar and laser alerts using their smartphone’s wide screen.
    • It was required to integrate Bluetooth connection with the custom radar device which would help drivers view alerts and be warned of upcoming speed and red-light cameras.
    • The custom radar device was needed to be specially approved by Apple to be integrated with the iPhone app.
  • Solution

    We successfully delivered the required solution after understanding all requirements

    • Integration of radar/laser detection technology with iPhone (Needs special approval from Apple)
    • Allows drivers to use radar/laser detection technology
    • Drivers can receive real time updates through phone GPS
    • Warns drivers about upcoming speed and red-light camer

Server Engineering

Managing a large enterprise necessarily leads to managing different server systems. Empower your company by providing world class services for the back-end operations. System administration, storage and maintenance form the core of the IT sector and ensure the smooth functioning of the enterprise.
  • Server engineering helps you leverage efficient engineering analysis services of current and proposed configurations and enable you to check whether it is compatible with the overall system.
  • Our Server engineering experts handle complex technical problems efficiently and enhance business outcomes.
  • Custom Back-end Development

    • Supports the generation of dynamic web pages
    • Includes server side programming providing functionality, administration features and many more
    • Helps to extend exposure to customer base
    • Helps to manage a variety of content efficiently
  • SOAP Web Services

    • Implements on different hardware and software platforms
    • Supports interoperability amongst different environments and also supports HTTP
    • Easy to use and expandable
    • Offers secured transportation of information
    • Platform and language independent
  • Restful API

    • Makes use of HTTP methods
    • Focuses on system’s resources
    • Easier-to-use model for web services
    • Supports self-describing media methods
    • Improved network efficiency responses
  • Checklist

    • Design, deploy and maintain system servers
    • Research and maintain system documentation
    • Manage and control multiple environments
    • Provide analysis of performance and track the usage
    • Keep a track of technical issues and troubleshooting matters
    • Accommodate technological changes and adapt services accordingly

Managed Mobility

Managing Mobility has become most important to achieve business goals and to maintain transparency in whole system. It brings many benefits

  • It helps to synchronize mobility services within an organization
  • Reduces risk factor and helps to improve overall security
  • Helps to control costs for the company
  • Leads to efficient functioning of an enterprise and improved performance
  • Helps to make enhanced decision making and high-quality customer service
It is important to have a clear strategy for managing mobility and for maintaining integrity and security of the resources.
We provide comprehensive solutions to the enterprises which give full control to the administrators over the mobile devices used.

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