Mobile App Helping Bosch to Beat Market Competition

Interactive App to Quickly Scan and Find Replacement of Filter Element on the Move


  • This app allows user to easily compare Bosch Rexroth’s products range with its competitor’s
  • The app delivers the perfect replacement filter element with its detailed technical specifications and contact information to users
  • This app will be helpful for Bosch to get increased rate of business
  • It provides facility to email or call Rexroth directly from the app to get in touch immediately
  • It allows to update data and using built-in sync function it delivers all latest data to users

Ideal Enterprise Mobile Strategy


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Project Details


Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • Rexroth offers the world’s largest automation technology portfolio for the semiconductor industry.
  • They desired a mobile application – Fit4Filter App that enables user to quickly find the replacement of their existing filter element.
  • With this application, users should be able to compare other manufacturer’s products with Bosch Rexroth’s products, which will help Bosch to stand out in a competition.
  • The application should be able to sync all the updated data so as to deliver latest filter element information available along with the Rexroth product offering.
  • They desired an ability where mobile users can email or call Rexroth straight from the application to immediately get in touch.

Mobile App Development

  • iOS App Development

    • It allows iPhone users to quickly find replacement for their existing filter element on the move.
    • It facilitates iPhone users to email or call Rexroth immediately for taking quick decisions or regarding inquiries.
    • All the features of this app are easy to use enabling users to perform search smoothly and get all necessary updated information.
  • Android App Development

    • Fit4Filter – Rexroth Filter Element App supports Android based mobile devices and includes all features/functionality.
    • It allows Android users to quickly search for their element replacement as well as facilitates them to make requests on the move.
    • This app is integrated with in-built sync feature that helps to deliver up-to-date information to users.



Server Engineering

We successfully delivered a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android meeting all requirements of our client.

  • Our Role

    We have a team of server engineers who thoroughly understands each need of clients and work closely with them at every stage to know detailed client’s integration requirement and design architecture plans.

  • Our Strategy

    We specifically focus on requirements and then accordingly on the design practices in system balancing, impact of technology trends, and the challenges of online service workloads.

Managed Mobility Services

Managing Mobility has now become the most important aspect for achieving major business goals and also for maintaining transparency in whole system. This makes important to have a clear strategy. It also helps a lot to manage integrity and security of the business resources.

Benefits at Softweb

  • Softweb used the revolutionary App Store experience to distribute the application and made it easy for Pioneer Valley to reach millions of iPad customers.
  • Our experts provide full assistance in managing all the aspects of the application for the future.
  • The technical and other issues are effectively handled by us to keep our clients satisfied with our services.
  • Our comprehensive mobile solutions provide full control to the administrators over the mobile devices which also help them to make enhanced decisions and deliver high-quality customer service.



Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS)

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