Flexible Mobile App Detailing About Vehicle Auctions

Mobile App Development Showing Entire Vehicle’s Maintenance History on the Move


  • Includes advanced search functionality allowing users to easily search for desired vehicles auctions
  • Delivers comprehensive maintenance history reports of any vehicle to users
  • Provides real-time data of vehicles marked in favorite list with the help of Push Notification feature
  • Allows user to search for any preferred vehicle auction even if they do not know the VIN Number
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices


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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • Emkay: Our client is one of the top ten fleet management solutions/services providers in the fleet industry today.
  • They desired a mobile application which enables their users to view or search for any specific auction held in the city on the move.
  • The main objective was to provide all necessary information to users on the move making easier for them to take decisions.
  • As a part of our Mobile strategy services we discussed various Mobile Fleet Management aspects with various key stake holders to deliver them best mobile solution.
  • The application had to incorporate complete details of all the vehicle auctions so that it delivers relevant results when searched by users.
  • This application should be able to show the complete maintenance history of the selected vehicle.



Mobile Application Development

Beneficial Features of the Mobile Application

  • Flexible Search Functionality

    This app includes flexible and user-friendly search functionality that enables user to quickly search for the vehicle auctions even if they don’t know VIN Number.

  • Push Notification Feature

    This app facilitates user to mark specific vehicle auctions in their favorites list. With the help of Push Notification feature, users can receive real time data and updates of their favorite vehicle auctions on their mobile devices.

  • Shows Complete Details

    This app shows entire vehicle maintenance history which helps user to take important decision of purchasing a car or a truck.

Server Engineering

The mobile application we delivered is integrated with all upgraded functionality. Designing and Development of this unique application required a lot of market research and survey.
It was also important that the database is maintained in a proper way as it should deliver all desired information in real time to users.
The search functionality integrated in this application is user-friendly and flexible which allows user to search for vehicle auctions either by VIN Numbers or by selecting the Auction house.



Managed Mobility Services

  • Our Technique

    • Our comprehensive Managed Mobility services include security of corporate data on mobile devices, complete management and deployment of mobile apps, and handling multiple mobile devices.
    • After an exhaustive market survey, we delivered mobile app that is compatible with two most well-known mobile devices, iPhone and Android, which increases app usability.
    • We successfully distributed the application on iTunes App Store and Android App Store, which made easy for Emkay to reach millions of users.
  • Our Expertise

    • We diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve all complex technical issues, so that mobile apps run smoothly.
    • We research, create and maintain system documentation
    • Our range of practices include: mobile application designing and development, software releases to QA, Testing and further Enhancements, and assisting/managing issues

Case Study

A Driver-Focused Mobile Fleet Management Application for Emkay Inc

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