Internal Mobi Site to Help Employees take Quick Decisions

Rich BI Solution to Help Spartan’s Employee to Collaborate Better Internally


  • Business intelligence solution
  • Mobile interface with Mobile Entrée
  • Rich and customizable solution with high functionality
  • Swift accessibility with simple login
  • Regular updates by admin to deliver fresh data to employees

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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • Spartan desired an innovative business intelligence solution to enable their employees to be more productive and collaborate better internally.
  • They had an internal website developed with SharePoint and they wanted an interactive mobile interface.
  • We successfully delivered Mobile interface with Mobile Entree
  • It is incorporated with effective display of the products and services for attracting business
  • The mobi-site includes three sub-categories: Library, Applications, and Reports

Mobile App Development

  • Solution

    We delivered a mobile interface for an internal website on SharePoint 2010 that will work across a broad range of devices using Mobile Entrée.
    The solution developed by us is compatible with all latest mobile platforms, so there is no need for employees to opt for a new mobile device for accessing this website
  • Solution Benefits

    Solution Benefits

    • A Spartan employee can access this site through a mobile device on the move by simple login process and get access to updated data.
    • With our mobile solution, employees of Spartan can quickly access the commonly used libraries, and can easily generate reports based on the defined criteria.
    • The design and the functionality of the mobi site are same as website and it can be regularly updated by admin to deliver up-to-date info to the employees.

Server Engineering

Our engineers worked with Spartan to know the requirements of the project and solve all technical problems encountered in the process. We utilized Mobile Entrée 3.5 framework which enabled us to easily show/hide lists and document libraries.
Our technology team provides instant and quick assistance and enables to deliver high-quality business solution to our client. We excel in -
  • Our Excellence

    • Evaluating and analyzing the problem areas
    • Resolving back-end issues
    • Suggestions for improved performance
    • Securing client’s company network
  • Our Proficiency

    • Backup and recovery procedures
    • Mobile Application debugging
    • Project Management
    • Database Management


Managed Mobility Services

We successfully delivered an interactive business intelligence solution with multiple capabilities to Spartan Inc. Moreover, to deploy mobile entrée on smartphones and tablet devices there were few features that were needed to be activated.
This solution enables the client to improve its work productivity among employees and provide workers with regular updates. It also helps to effectively organize work and enhance business outcomes.

Mobile BI

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