iPad Application for Mobile Field Service System

Deliver timely and optimum service leveraging power of mobility

Client Profile

  • Cummins Allison is a global leader providing currency counters, sorters and scanners, check deposit and casino ticket processing, plus coin sorter and coin counting solutions for customers in the financial, retail, gaming, vending, law enforcement and government markets.
  • Enterprise with scalability of solution offering across North America with 50 local offices for fast and reliable service when desired.
  • Service is the hallmark of their business and their part of offering is to give personal training to the clients on product use for extended life and for generating maximum ROI

Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • With presence of more than 300 service locations and approximately 50 service agents for every location across USA makes an intense task with high magnitude to manage the field services.
  • This portrayed as a challenge to simplify the processes and offer access to relevant information to the field technicians.
  • As part of the process optimization the Mobile Field Service System (MFSS) was devised for iPad devices used by technicians which provided them a standardized dispatch function, tracking of open calls, call status reporting, and call closing.
  • The proposed technological upgradation is to defy the challenges of growing customer demand and information management.



Mobile App Development

  • Mobile Solution

    • Cummins attained customer satisfaction by meeting service-level agreements and resolving issues early
    • Increase productivity of field service employees with real-time mobile access to information in existing backend systems
  • Mobile Advantage

    • Assign and Manage Jobs for field employees based on job priority and employee availability in real time
    • Integrate with already existing backend systems like SAP, CRM etc. and databases like SQL, Oracle etc.

Server Engineering

  • The information repository was a legacy system where all the enterprise data was continued to be maintained for the service machines and customers.
  • To interface with the iPad App, mirror instances of the required data is kept in the SQL database that regularly updated the app with automatically leveraging a staging table.
  • For providing real time information to the field technician the call records are copied from the legacy system as they are created.
As and when the field service activities are reported from the cellular devices, it updates the SQL files and copy to is sent to the legacy database.



Managed Mobility Services

  • Business Advantages

    • Create Work Orders and service contracts during routine maintenance for servicing equipment or facilities at the location
    • Search and Order inventory parts and material that is required for a service
  • Why Managed Mobility?

    • It is important to manage mobility to reduce costs and improve productivity
    • It contributes towards a flexible environment with high level of security to enterprise data
  • Our Managed Mobility Process

    • Distributing an app like this was a major task, as it involved processes like user authentication and permission based data.
    • A strong user management and synchronization environment is set up.
    • Along with this the device policies, restrictions, and strong encryption methods in iOS provided a layered approach to keeping all information secure.