Mobile App Detailing about ADA’s Dentistry Sessions

Get Complete Information about Sessions on your Fingertips


  • Details everything about the sessions held by American Dental Association
  • Provides complete information about the Speakers
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry Mobile OS
  • Enhanced Search functionality
  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter social platforms

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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • American Dental Association conducts the annual session each year for dental professionals and academicians
  • They wanted a mobile app for providing up-to-date and descriptive information of all the events to be held on all four days
  • The app had to enable users to find complete information about the speakers of each session
  • Users can easily select the session they are interested to attend
  • The app had to incorporate interactive maps for quick information access


Mobile App Development

We designed a highly interactive mobile application for American Dental Association to perfectly match the client’s requirements.
ADA organizes a dental meet on a yearly basis for dental professionals to update their knowledge regularly.
  • Features

    • The app provides comprehensive information to users about all the events held over a four day schedule
    • It supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry operating systems
  • Benefits

    • Enables user to create personal schedule by choosing sessions they are interested to attend.
    • The app is integrated with the popular social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter for users to manage their social activity from the app itself.

Server Engineering

  • Our server engineers build innovative frameworks for custom software
  • Engineers work diligently to understand the client’s requirements and deliver the best results
  • We build strong foundation for mobile apps that provide high security and scalability
  • We engineer custom middleware for third-party integration to facilitate robust mobile proficiencies
  • We provide comprehensive documentation to enable clients to maintain the systems smoothly and with ease



Managed Mobility Services

  • Benefits at Softweb

    • We enable our client to manage their mobile apps with efficiency and ease
    • Enable to make the mobile app more productive with every new update
    • Resolve technical issues quickly with expert solutions
    • Managed services to obtain the best from the mobile app
  • Managed Mobility Functions

    • Managed Mobility helps to reduce operational costs within organizations
    • Controlling mobile devices improves productivity
    • It helps to build a strategic approach to mobility
  • Services offered

    • Mobile Application Management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Mobile Security and Control
    • Inventory Management
    • Mobile Device Connectivity
    • Ongoing Management

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