Sales App for a leading Dental Products Manufacturer

App for GC America to Showcase their Products and Expand their Market Areas


  • Incredible navigation for the best user-experience
  • Innovative and unique design, layout
  • Effectively demonstrate product brochures and other information in an offline mode
  • Showcase products in an organized manner
  • Easy to update product list directly from the iPad

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Interactive Mobile Sales App


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Project Details

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

GC America Identified as part of their Mobile Strategy, the need to allow real time access for the sales force to: Product information, Customer Information, Generate Quotes and access location based filed services.
  • Enterprise Mobile Strategy Aspects

    • How are mobile devices and mobile applications going to make my employees more effective?
    • How can my employees access the data they need wherever and whenever they need it?
    • How can my company tap the transformative powers of these new technologies to re-envision its business processes?
    • How will mobile help me beat my competition?
  • Enterprise Mobility needs

    After the mobile strategy session, we identified that the following Mobile Solutions should be leverage for their Enterprise Mobility needs:

    • Mobile Sales App
    • Mobile Field Service
    • Mobile CRM Integration
    • Location Based Mobile Services


Mobile App Development

  • Mobilizing Sales Process

    Provide sales force access anywhere, anytime on mobile devices; to showcase products and service offerings, in a rich interactive product catalog.
  • Mobile CRM & Offline Data Access

    Provide Offline access, through synchronization, allowing the sales team to access key customer data and sales information on iPad.
  • Location Based Services

    Developed Location based Mobile Solution that allows field staff to create optimal route guidance based on their current location.
  • Mobile Field Service

    Offering Field Service Mobile Solutions by many features such as:

    • Access to new assignments and follow up requests on mobile devices.
    • Manage Calendar and time schedule within the mobile app

Server Engineering

  • Access to Enterprise CRM
  • Architecture: Database-Web Services-SQLite Database
  • Architecture: Database-Web Services-MiddleWare-Web Services-SQLite Database
  • Server Monitoring
  • API Documentation
  • Secure Authentication of Web Services
  • Provided data synchronization from the enterprise backend system, to the frontend display on the smart device with 128-bit to 256-bit SSL Based Encryption.

Distribute Apps To Your Users

Distributing in-house apps can be done either by hosting your app on a simple web-server you create internally, or by using a third-party Mobile Device Management solution. Your specific requirements, infrastructure and level of app management will dictate which solution makes the most sense for you.

App Distribution

Host your application on a web server that is accessible by your employees.

Notify your users that the app is available for install (this could be an email, SMS, Push Notification, etc.).

Users simply tap on a URL to install the app. Theyʼll get a simple dialog asking them if they want to proceed with install.

In-house “App Catalog”

Building upon the framework for wireless app distribution described above, its possible for your team to build an internal app catalog with your own look and feel that provides a centralized portal for over-the-air distribution.
This gives you the ideal “self-service” model for distributing apps to your employees with minimal effort on their part to download and install.
  • Delivers app download URLs to users
  • Website or Native app optimized for iPhone or iPad to serve up app download URLs in a way thats organized and familiar to users
  • Multiple apps can be installed and updated concurrently with a single URL, enabling rapid deployment and quick setup

Managing Updates

In-house apps that are distributed internally aren’t automatically updated. You’ll need to notify employees of the update and instruct them to install the app.
If the application identifier assigned to the app in Xcode is unaltered, it will recognize the app as an existing app and install the update while retaining locally stored app data or preferences. For greater convenience, consider developing a function within the app that contacts the server for updates at runtime.

Mobile Device Management

Many third-party mobile device management solutions provide wireless app distribution capabilities right out of the box. The benefits of managing inhouse apps within a managed environment include the ability to do version control and track which users are running which version of your app.
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