Retail Mobility Solutions

Interactive Mobile Apps serving Retailers to Build Better Relationships with Consumers

Transform Overall Shopping Experience with Retail Mobile Solutions

Key benefits from Retail Mobility includes:

  • Enhances complete shopping experience
  • Real time access to pricing and range of products/services information
  • Quick and easy Payments
  • Higher rate of customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cycle times of deals

Retail Mobility

Enhanced Customer Experience with Retail Mobility

Mobility in Retail

Retail Mobility
Mobile applications developed for Retail Businesses do much more than just displaying products/services attractively for making maximum sales.
Retail Mobile solutions help to shape the in-store experience, empowers the purchasing process, and provides ways to interactively connect with consumers.

Mobility Adoption Challenges

Retailers need to face many challenges for adopting mobility in their business processes. Four basic challenges includes –

  • High Operational Costs
  • Management of multiple Sales Spheres
  • Maintenance of high consumer expectations
  • Security

Retail Mobile Solutions

  • Benefits from Mobile e-Shopping Apps

    Some of the consumers and Retailers benefits from Mobile e-shopping applications are as follows:

    • Retailers can have direct interaction with target audience
    • Real time access to consumers for all needed information
    • Helps consumers to quickly browse, order and pay for required products/services on the move
    • Helps retailers to promote their brands or products
    • Consumers can compare prices and make enhanced decisions
  • Future of Mobility in Retail Industry

    It is anticipated that with the continuous advancements in mobile technology, Retail industry will see a lot of upgrades too.
    A lot is being talked about Near Field Communications [NFC] technology. With NFC, a shopper can immediately get all the information about any product like its price, availability, consumer reviews, etc. by just waving their mobile device to a tagged product in any store. NFC will also make payments processing easier and simpler

  • Softweb Solutions Offerings for Retail Industry

    With the increasing use of Mobile technology, Softweb Solutions prides itself in delivering cutting edge mobile app development solutions for various mobile platforms.
    Our mobile retail solutions help clients to move ahead in the retail market and protect their market share effectively from competitors.


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